Published on 29thAugust 2023 in the Daily Sun Newspaper

How to protect your air conditioner during a hurricane storm? If you are experiencing lightening or high winds it is best to turn your air conditioning system off at the thermostat. After the storm has passed a visual check of your air conditioning system and electrical should be done. If no damage is found it is probably safe to turn your system back on. If the air conditioning system is not working or you prefer a more in-depth inspection, it is best to call a licensed air conditioning professional.

What can I do to my air condition system to prepare for a hurricane or storm before it occurs? There are a few things we recommend that can help prepare your system before the storm arrives. It is recommended that these items be checked or installed by an air conditioning professional. The outside unit should be tied down using engineered hurricane straps. A surge protector is highly recommended to help reduce damage from voltage spikes often experienced during and after a storm. A time delay relay is also recommended to reduce system malfunctions caused by momentary power interruptions. After the storm. If you think you might be running your air conditioning system off a backup generator, we recommend the installation of a soft start kit. A soft start kit is added to your compressor circuit and greatly reduces the start-up amperage of your compressor. This reduces the output wattage a generator needs to produce in order to run your air conditioning system.

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